Best wholesale, bulk and private label tea supplier in Australia


Tea Depot was founded based on the desperate need in the Australian market for excellent quality teas sourced directly from the plantations, offered at transparent and extremely competitive pricing. Though this is what the company started off offering, we have now evolved to being pioneers of wholesale and private label solutions for more than 70 tea, coffee and drink brands in Australia.


Our expertly tailor-made tea solutions help tea brads, coffee suppliers, kombucha brands, iced tea and tea-based product manufacturers and so on start up or grow with ease. We have an excellent supply chain robust enough to deliver teas and herbs sourced worldwide at the most competitive prices in Australia, without the troubles and hiccups of a conventional wholesaler. With excellent procurement capabilities and flexibility of options when it comes to manufacturing and sourcing, we have every possible option for you to choose when it comes to starting your own tea brand or just sourcing bulk tea.


Freshness where it counts.


We don’t muck around when it comes to tea freshness. Our premium Ceylon teas are sourced from our plantations and processed in our factories immediately after picking in Sri Lanka. Our plants can deliver in the tons and we keep our rotations short and frequent, so fresh tea is always available with every shipment. Speaking of shipments, we import every 2-4 weeks to our warehouse in Queensland making sure to run through our existing batches as soon as possible. At any given time, the teas we have are as fresh at 1-3 months from being picked. Now that’s freshness.

What about our herbals? We source from only the best suppliers from around the world including Germany and Egypt. All the herbs and herbal blends are thoroughly processed to the highest standards ensuring we do not have any contaminants and meet the highest quality checks.


Blending, Matching, Contract Manufacturing


You have a blend in mind that you want to create? We can do it. You have a tea you want us to match? No problem, our blend matching process meets the best industry practices and makes sure you get the exact taste you’re looking for, all while making the whole process as smooth as possible. If you are looking for a complete solution from start to finish, our private label option is what you’re looking for.


Sustainable, Environmentally Friendly and Being a Legend At It


We fully believe in taking care of everyone and everything providing us with the great teas and solutions we offer to our clients. Being one of the leading tea suppliers in Australia gives us the power to say, “if it’s not sustainable or ethical, we won’t have it”.

Our pyramid tea bags are made from a fully bio-degradable material that is kind to the earth after you’ve used it and makes sure you do not consume any micro plastics during consumption.


Excellent Support Before and After


We’re not shy and love chatting with our clients. Have a question before ordering? Don’t know where to start? Have technical questions about manufacturing, grades, packaging, even market entry strategies? ALL GOOD! Just give us a ring and we’ll help as much as we can before and after you buy from us.