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<p>Your customers would be mistake if they think Orange Pekoe Tea would have citrusy tones, but there’s no hint of orange in this blend.<br />
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Orange Pekoe describes the grade of tea. In this case, it is a fine black tea made up of whole, young leaves and buds. A richly earthy aroma with a blend of bitter and sweet, this tea works with or without milk. As with all black teas, it provides a great caffeine boost to the drinker and is a popular alternative to coffee.<br />
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Our Orange Pekoe Tea is 100% pure Ceylon tea and comes with NASAA organic certification, giving your customers even more reason to test their taste buds with this blend.</p>

Orange Pekoe Loose Leaf
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Orange Pekoe Loose Leaf

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Wholesale Orange Pekoe Tea

<p>Get your hands on the true Sri Lankan tea experience with our wholesale Orange Pekoe black tea. A traditional large-leaf black tea, Orange Pekoe loose leaf tea is made of long-twisted leaves that give this brew a satisfying and distinctive medium-bodied flavour. Best served as a loose leaf tea, it’s always a great idea to stock up with our wholesale Orange Pekoe packages.</p>

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Why Choose Us as Your Orange Pekoe Tea Supplier

<p>To ensure our Orange Pekoe Tea delivers the same medium-bodied flavour time and again, we’re involved in every step of production.<br />
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Our attractive, single-origin Orange Pekoe leaves are handpicked from our own plantations in Sri Lanka and then withered, rolled, oxidised, and fired in-house in a process we’ve perfected over 35 years.<br />
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We go a step further, keeping you across our products by supplying samples, prices, and tea descriptions that will help you answer any customer enquiries. All this offered at competitive prices and with superior quality and we’re the Orange Pekoe wholesaler you’ll want to partner with.</p>