Our Loose Leaf Tea Blends

<p>Tea Depot stocks ten loose leaf teas across a range of different blends. The selection includes a variety of black and green teas, along with herbal teas and fruity blends.<br />
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All our bulk loose leaf teas have full character and strength, thanks to our “orthodox style” production. In this process, our tea leaves are handpicked, withered, rolled, oxidised, and fired, to produce a rich full-bodied flavour.</p>

Organic Genmaicha

Organic Genmaicha

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From $45.00 USD
Blooming Tea Loose Leaf Balls
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Blooming Tea Loose Leaf Balls

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From $81.00 USD

Wholesale Loose Leaf Tea Australia

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<h2>Buy from a great selection of loose leaf tea products from Tea Depot for your business.</h2>

<p><strong><a href="https://teadepot.com.au/">Tea Depot</a></strong> brings a range of hand selected loose leaf tea for wholesale in Australia. Our excellent quality products are sourced directly from plantations and offered at competitive prices. Our high quality products and expertly tailor-made tea solutions help retailers, restaurants, tea brands, and suppliers grow with ease.</p>

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<p>Also, our excellent supply chain ensures that loose leaf tea you purchase from Tea Depot is delivered worldwide, without any hassle and hiccups.</p>

<h2>Fresh, Bulk Loose Leaf Tea Online</h2>

<p>Tea Depot guarantees freshness in each cup. Before reaching consumers, we ensure retailers and brands have the best products to grow their business. You can buy loose leaf tea in bulk to start your tea brand or make the existing one grow.</p>

<p>What’s the secret behind the best loose leaf tea at Tea Depot? We source our tea and tisanes from the best suppliers around the world. All the <a href="https://teadepot.com.au/collections/organic-teas"><strong>herbal blends </strong></a>are processed to the highest standards to preserve our products from any contamination. Also, we ensure all the loose leaf tea products meet the highest standards set by Tea Depot experts.</p>

<h2>Become a Wholesale Loose Leaf Tea Partner with Tea Depot</h2>

<p>Herbal blends, white labelling, and flexibility in orders; Tea Depot is your ideal partner to meet all your loose leaf tea demands. Whether you own a cafe, a coffee roastery that requires a small amount of loose leaf tea or have a tea company that needs a range of tea products with <a href="https://teadepot.com.au/pages/private-label"><strong>private labelling services</strong></a>, we tailor our services that suit you, your business, and your customers.</p>

<p><em>Don’t know where to start? Just give us a ring, and we’ll help as much as we can.</em></p>

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Why Choose Us as Your Bulk Loose Leaf Tea Supplier

<p>Our single-origin teas are sourced from our own Sri Lankan plantations and have been perfected through over 35 years of tea craftsmanship, with a continued focus on quality. We’re here to deliver all the information you need on the products you’re selling, including samples, prices, and tea descriptions that will quickly turn you into an expert. We also know that we offer competitive prices and superior quality on our wholesale loose leaf teas in Australia.</p>