Know Why Gifting Loose Tea Leaves Is Much Better Than Teabags


As the summer spring is approaching, many of us would prefer to lose weight and come back in shape again. This would be something that most of us will do to fit into our favourite summer outfits. With all the recent additions and updates, the fact cannot be neglected that many Australian tea companies will begin introducing products that promote fitness and well being. 


On the other hand, if someone around you is planning to start all of it with a refreshing tea variant, what else can be better than black tea leaves? How about giving them some natural blend of loose tea leaves they generally love? Sounds great. 

Now, you might be thinking, why prefer loose leaves over tea bags? Well, here are a few reasons that will convince you to buy loose tea from a
bulk tea shop. Before that, we’d love to share that Tea Depot has exclusively launched “Black Chai Tea.” The fortifying variant is inspired by the traditional Indian Masala Chai and is trending worldwide as one of the most popular ones. With an intense and unique taste, the black tea base is simply crafted with cardamom and sharp cloves, nutmeg, and cinnamon, along with a well-marked spicy mix. So, don’t forget to enjoy it with your favourite summer bread or just to warm the cockles in winters! And, guess what the best part is? It aids with weight loss too! 


1. Quality

Nutritional benefits, flavour, and freshness are some things that one can expect from loose tea leaves. The packed tea bags usually lack quality and sometimes are just a packet of fannings and dust as they lose their natural oils and aroma during industrial processing. 

2. Flavour 

As the quality cannot be compromised, so can’t be the flavour. Loose black tea leaves are hand-plucked, organised, and rolled, while the expert tea artisans make sure that they don’t lose their flavour profile. This is why the tea bags full of fannings and powder won’t give you that refreshing deep cup of tea, but a bland and dull spoonful of loose tea leaves will. 

3. Artificial Additives

Have you ever imagined how one can make up a flavourless tea? It is definitely with the tea variants that have additives. Normally, artificial ingredients are added for colour and taste, and the teabag is bleached in chlorine. When you let it absorb in hot water, the chemicals straightaway enter your bloodstream leaving harmful effects. So why not try the traditional and natural way? 

4. Plastic-Free Approach 

Did you know that these high end glamorously packed tea bags and silken sachets are visually appealing, but they hold a great concern as well? Research studies have found that particles released from the packaging of tea bags have a significant magnitude higher than the ordinary plastic loads in other foods. We are being warned not to drink in a plastic water bottle from decades of research, especially when heated. And still, that is something common with the tea bags available in the marketplace. The biggest contribution you can make here is to go plastic free and support a greener lifestyle. YES! That is none other than the loose black tea leaves or similar variants. 

So what’s your favourite pick for enjoying a fresh and wholesome brew every morning to stay fit? Let us know in the comments section below; we’d love to read your suggestions. 

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